Elegant Rochees

One of our renowned client, Elegant Roches operates as a bespoke tailoring enterprise utilizing an Email Order Business model. Their operations span the United States, where they undertake tours to solicit and fulfill orders from clientele.

To efficiently manage their touring operations, Elegant Roches meticulously organizes tour schedules for their dedicated managers, promoting these schedules through diverse channels, notably including their website.

Clients engage with Elegant Roches through scheduled appointments exclusively, facilitated via their appointment calendar. Upon client visitation on the designated date, orders are meticulously taken, subsequently dispatched to Hong Kong.

Renowned for unparalleled stitching expertise and cost-effectiveness, Hong Kong serves as the hub for order fulfillment.

All orders are centralized at an order collection center, from which items are dispatched to skilled tailors for production. Upon completion, garments are returned to the collection center, where rigorous quality control measures are applied prior to final delivery to clients.

The comprehensive software solution for online appointment scheduling and order management was custom-built by us