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During the sixth massive extinction of the species, Teo discovers true love but his life is in a countdown. His only hope is reaching into his childhood memories to survive. This is a love story for our planet. Directed by Emilia Duclaud Script by Tatiana Bedolla & Emilia Duclaud Cinematography by Fito Pardo AMC Produced by Domo Ludens Con: Itzhel G. Razo, Carlotes Oropeza Tapia, Beleni Kumara, Nicolás Álvarez Quemain, Norma Franco, Paula Zafra, Bárbara López Zerna, Luvina Quemain, Olga Vargas, Karla Arreola, Faine Lujano y Cynthia Valenzuela. Choreography Direction: Bárbara López Serna, Norma Franco, Juarez Eleno Guzmán Gutiérrez Image Design: Evelyn Leo Costume Design: Sol Kellan Production Design: Alex Leos Original Music: Pablo Mondragon Color Correction: El Choche

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